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We tend to judge this as a 50-50 matter and I must say that moving the Nunchuck-Wiimote combination is not the brightest idea when you're trying to turn around and face the enemy. Don't expect good car physics, because GTA was never a champion in this field, but you'll have a pretty decent driving experience, when you're done smashing other cars or hitting pedestrians. The targeting system has a bit of a problem, especially when you're near the enemy and you'll surely be missing if you try a close-range headshot. It's best to shoot your foes from a pretty decent distance if you want to be the one standing after the shootout. R1 is the targeting button and Vice City Stories uses an auto-locking system that's quite pedestrian-friendly. Targets are changed automatically, and the auto-lock tries not to focus on the bystanders or civilians passing by. Like they could escape Vic's wrath anyway... I'm going to mention this right from the start: NHL 07 is the 2006 version with changed rosters and a few gameplay improvements. Yes, the graphics look a little better, but only a little and EA Sports are afraid to take those big leaps on the older consoles saving themselves for the next-gen titles. You might be wondering what's up with the title of this review and the answer comes from EA Sport's biggest innovation in the hockey sims so far: the skill stick. One might think that something named "skill stick" is some sort of a new joystick that resembles a hockey stick. Wrong! It's the good old analog stick, specially the right one that has been assigned with many new functions that will surely easy the gameplay. There are some arcade features in Dirge of Cerberus that have nothing in common with the Final Fantasy series. For example, each new task is signaled by a very flashy and glowing window that tells you what the next mission is. Final Fantasy players are not dumb, you know! And when you'll reach the game over screen, a counter will show up calculating the damage you've done and the points you've earned. Vincent might be immortal, but when he'll die, he'll be able to level up. Isn't that freaky? You'll be able to exchange the thousands of points you'll get for ammo, weapon powerups or materia. I was talking about arcade, well Square-Enix, you might not have noticed that this is 2006 and we really don't like rotating, Enlarge picture Tekken: Dark Ressurection runs at 60fps during matches and this can be compared to equipping a Mini Cooper with a Lamborghini's engine. While the engineering trick mentioned before has been done, this gaming experience has never been provided with such high graphic level of details. It wouldn't be impressive on a normal console, but when you see such graphics on a PSP, it makes the portable thingie worth every penny. The game's backgrounds are stunning and Dark Resurrection will allow you to fight in retouched version of the original Tekken 5 or Tekken 3 arenas. From burning battlegrounds to cute rooms filled with pink hearts, this Tekken will take you to the ideal locations for hardcore combats. Unless Ronaldo is in fact Diablo and Zidane some sort of wizard, there's not much to mention here, except for the stories that appear in your head when the graphics and engine are non-existent. Seriously, I saw people on forums and chats going wild about their favorite teams and bragging about their performances while playing Football {ABOSK

The add-on's eight events--two instances of each of the four types--can be completed in under an hour if you successfully finish each one on your first try, and six of those eight events feel like something you're obligated to complete to get to the good stuff. It's included as part of the season pass content, but purchased separately, it's $6.99, and it's much too insubstantial to justify that cost. Sure, you earn a few new homies and some new vehicles for your trouble--including that huge, amusing ball of yarn--but this downloadable content just doesn't possess the sense of constantly surprising, outrageous fun that made Saints Row: The Third so incredible. You play as a child, free to roam the park to your heart's content without the need to wait in any long lines or stick close to virtual parents. (Actual parents needn't worry; this version of Disneyland is perfectly safe for youngsters.) After settling on an appearance for your in-game avatar, you're greeted by a talking golden ticket who becomes your constant companion in the park. He encourages you to introduce yourself to Mickey Mouse, who's standing nearby, and if you walk up to Mickey and wave, you're given the first of dozens of errands Disney characters have for you. Mickey wants you to get some autographs for him; Ariel wants you to collect some "dinglehoppers"; Buzz Lightyear needs you to blast surveillance cameras placed around the park by Emperor Zurg. You play as Jack Rourke, a racer who has gotten in way over his head with the mob. His friend Sam promises an end to his problems if he can win a cross-country street race and the huge payout that comes with victory. Sadly, The Run's attempts to make you care about Jack's plight fall flat. The talents of actors Sean Faris and Christina Hendricks as Jack and Sam are wasted; their voices emanate from character models with mouths that move oddly and faces that express no emotion. What's more, the story doesn't even make sense. Certain rivals whom you pass early in the race show up again when you're in the home stretch. Thankfully, after an early cutscene that sets up the premise, the game wastes little time with its flimsy storytelling and lets you focus on driving. Many of those details should be familiar to anyone that's played a BioWare game in recent years, such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age II. However, The Old Republic owes less to past BioWare successes (including the related single-player role-playing game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) than it does to the MMOGs that have come before. In fact, the license and a few other elements aside, the first hours of the game might have you thinking: "I've already played this game." You select from a number of humanoid races, none of which seems particularly unusual, given the breadth of unusual creatures to be found in Star Wars lore. You then choose a faction (Sith Empire or Galactic Republic) and one of eight classes (and after the starting area, an advanced class). Even genre veterans should take a peek at the story campaign, if only to immerse themselves in Anno 2070's futuristic atmosphere. After all, nothing says "science fiction" more than a rogue AI out to destroy its former masters. The tale's a bit campy--as is some of the voice acting--but the campiness provides welcome levity in a politically conscious game. Other production elements are decidedly more serious. Anno's synthesized warbles and orchestral riffs are alternately serene and stimulating, evoking thoughts of hi-tech expansion and computer-automated lifestyles. The fantastic visuals tie everything together; Eco cities lend an art deco sheen to the natural beauty of their surroundings, and the Tycoon areas darken that beauty with factories and distilleries. Aliens: Infestation is much like the xenomorph creatures that populate the game's world: fast, unnerving, and utterly ruthless. It is not a game for the faint of heart. This 2D side-scroller harks back to the golden age of 16-bit gam